Très (French) – adj. very. e.g. très bien: ‘very’ good
Ind – Abbreviation for India; a country rich in heritage, cuisine and culture


Trésind, an award- winning restaurant by Passion F&B Management consultancies, is a progressive fine dining concept that serves an astute translation of authentic Indian cuisine. 

Overlooking the beautiful landscape of Sheikh Zayed Road and iconic Burj Khalifa, the restaurant is located conveniently on the second level of Nassima Royal Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. 


Inspired by the unique concept of molecular gastronomy, Executive Chef Himanshu Saini has skill fully crafted a menu that showcases authentic Indian delicacies in the most modernistic approach. Ideations like deconstructed pani puri, modernist chaat trolley, wild mushroom chai, daulat ki chaat not only reflects the uniqueness of the brand but also gives a refreshing twist to the most discerning epicureans.

Exploring a new take on presentation, flavors and textures of old favorites in an ambience that invites and sets mood for either a romantic dinner or a night in the town.

Trésind caters to true foodies and connoisseurs, seeking a culinary experience that engages the senses.


Having trained by the maestros of modern Indian cuisine, Chef Himanshu Saini has revolutionized Indian food by bringing back household Indian staples and thrusting them under the progressive Indian spotlight. Passionate about cooking since the age of 12, chef Himanshu always knew Indian food is where his calling lay. Starting his culinary journey at age of 21, he was soon lauded as the forerunner of modern Indian food and considered a star protégé by his erstwhile mentors. 

All of 29 years, chef Himanshu has garnered experience in several kitchens to become one of the youngest chef de cuisine and executive chefs across India, New York and Dubai (Tresind). Having won the Vermilion Chef search cook-off, The Best Young Chef at the Delhi Gourmet Club’s Top Chef Awards and recently he won another prestigious award PRO Chef Award 2016- Himanshu enjoys the freedom of expression that cooking brings to him and is working hard to leave a mark in the culinary world.

A true fan of local Indian delicacies, he considers paobhaji as his favourite street food, modern renditions of which can be seen in the Tresind menu as bhaji minestrone soup. With indigenous creations like dahibhalla ice-cream, wild mushroom chai, posh maggi and jalebi caviar under his creative umbrella, chef Himanshu and his team at Tresind are working hard towards giving a progressive rendition to Indian food and presenting it in an artistically modern avatar.

"Believe in your dreams and work towards them, they will come true"

Mr. Bhupender Nath
CEO & Founder – Passion F&B