Bhupender Nath​

Founder & Managing Director

Based on the prospect of elevating the revered Indian cuisine & hospitality while bringing it onto global culinary center-stage, Mr. Bhupender Nath established Passion F&B. An avid-traveler and a fervent foodie, he has always been inspired by the hospitality industry. Mr. Nath has been named ‘Indian Innovator’ by Entrepreneur ME, ‘F&B Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Entrepreneur ME and ‘F&B CEO of the Year’ by Caterer ME,  among others.

Chef Himanshu Saini

Corporate Chef 

Considered one of the youngest tastemakers in Indian cuisine today, Chef Himanshu stepped out into the world of gourmet cuisine with the aim to make his mark through constant innovation and to change the perception of Indian cuisine, globally. Over the years, he has been able to successfully change perceptions of diners toward Indian food through his innovative dishes, thereby elevating global standing of the cuisine, today. Evolution of Trèsind is his ode to the culinary legacy of his homeland.

Sherine John

Corporate Beverage Manager

Born and raised in God’s Own Country – Kerala, with over 10 years in the field of international bartending, Sherine has not just built his own signature style of mixology but has also participated in some of the most notable bartending competitions around the World. Having won the Finalandia Vodka, Belvedere re-constructed and American Whisky challenges in India, he is considered among the youngest & top mixologists in the World. Known for creating new styles and benchmarks in the field, his innovative cocktails and zeal for mixing bold flavors has raised the bar for bartending.